ICB CDT Students

Over a four year period ICB CDT students are educated and equipped with the language, skills and knowledge to enable them to tackle some of the most challenging science that lies at the interface between the physical and biological sciences. In combination with a suite of transferable skills courses and entrepreneurship training we believe that this will enable our students to become leaders in Chemical Biology. We typically have an intake of 10-20 students each year, and thus currently have approx 70 students enrolled on the programme, with a further 10 writing up their thesis. Since the inception of the ICD CDT in 2003, 59 PhD students have graduated, and we project that we will have trained a further 150 students by the end of the current funding of CDT II.

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Career Destinations

The ICB CDT aims to create a vibrant training culture and environment which produces enthusiastic PhD researchers capable of undertaking independent world-class multidisciplinary research. This programme produce a unique type of scientist who is able to apply a variety of physical techniques to solve biological problems. We strongly encourage student empowerment to allow students to achieve these goals in such a way that they will be ready to pilot their own careers in the future. Our graduates therefore find themselves in the exciting position to be able to pursue a career in a variety of fields, with 80% of our alumni currently pursuing multi-disciplinary careers in science.


(Data August 2013)