Commercial outreach


Successful translational research means transfer of knowledge and understanding in two directions. This is true whether the translation is to industry or to the clinic.

Making translational research happen is less about passing information across a divide than creating an environment in which multiple researchers understand and benefit from each others expertise and experience. It is also critical to develop and support research teams and individuals who combine this knowledge in a multidisciplinary way.

We encourage our industrial partners to take an active role in the supervision and training of our CDT students and in the creation and evolution of our joint research initiatives. The ICB CDT helps to create environments where ICB CDT researchers and our industrial partners can meet, discuss, swap ideas and be supported in developing translational research programmes.


The translational and collaborative framework of the ICB CDT is designed to provide an interface between groups developing novel molecular tools and technologies with new ends user in academia, industry and the medical sector. This “connect and develop” strategy is supported by links to a national and international community of researchers who are keen to exploit the potential offered by multidisciplinary collaborations. These links, forged by both students and supervisors is supported by integration of the ICB CDT with translational research initiatives.

This innovation pipeline has enabled the ICB CDT to establish an exceptional track record of technology development: from concept to industrial or clinical evaluation during the lifetime of a single PhD project.