Alastair Magness

Alastair Magness


Project: Diagnosing Cancer one Cell at a Time with Single Molecule Spectroscopy


I obtained an MPhys in physics from the University of Manchester in 2011, before going on to spend a year at the University of Sussex and graduating with an MSc in biomedical imaging. I joined the ICB in October 2012 under the supervision of David Klug, Charles Coombes, Keith Willison and Simak Ali. My research interests include the mechanisms by which cancer is able to spread from a primary tumour site to secondary sites in the body [a deadly process known as metastasis], and the role of the human estrogen receptor in the development of resistance to anti-cancer therapy in breast cancer.

On the completion of my PhD I hope to use my chemical biology skills to run a tortoise sanctuary in the Galapagos.