Christian Loftus

Christian Loftus


Project: Nanopatterned cell culture substrates to investigate Natural Killer cell receptor signalling


I began at Imperial in 2008 studying for an M.Sci. degree in Chemistry. In my final year I took an opportunity and went abroad to Georgia Institute of Technology where I worked on the self interaction errors of DFT functionals with Prof C. David Sherrill. While in the USA I realised that although I was interested in computational chemistry I did not want to continue in such a theoretical field for the rest of my career. Through some good fortune and interesting courses I instead focused on working in biomaterials and cell biology.

I now sit between Material Science and Cell and Molecular Biology looking to create biomimetic surfaces which I then use to explore basic cell behavior and signalling primarily using high-resolution optical microscopy. I specifically focus on immune cell activation which is a hugely interesting field and one I am very glad to have found myself working in. The nature of this cross departmental project has been particularly cool as the breadth of new equipment, techniques and knowledge is unique and will hopefully aid me in my future work.