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Student Cohort Title Technologies Healthcare problem Supervisors
Zainab Ahmed 2nd year PhD DELIVERY BY DESIGN: Increasing the efficiency of nucleic acids drug delivery in the cytosol using artificial/proto cells
Giulia Campolo 2nd year PhD Real-time in sensing of dopamine and L-DOPA using DNA aptamers for improved Parkinson's disease therapies
Ben Edwards 3rd year PhD Nanoscale Biosensors for Real-Time Analysis of Amyloid Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disease
Suhuur Osman 2nd year PhD Multiplexed Single Cell analysis of small molecule stimulation of Epicardium Derived Cells (EPDCs)
Lucy Rowlands 2nd year PhD Novel Aptamer-Based Vesicle Drug-Delivery Systems
Pashiini Supramaniam 3rd year PhD Microfluidic Chip based Artificial Cells – a platform to control and understand biochemical signalling pathways
Emma Woodcock 2nd year PhD Vesicles to build chemical libraries (template driven synthesis)
Marco Esposito 1st year PhD Organelle breeding for artificial cells
Ignacio Gispert Contamina 1st year PhD Cells and organelles as embedded biomodules in artificial cells
Livia Kalossaka 1st year PhD Functionally optimized biofilms for building façades
Borut Lampret 1st year PhD Development of next-generation Bio-Printing
Qien Li MRes Engineering novel cell mimetic membrane architectures
Daisy Rogers-Simmonds MRes Controlling nanopore loading in Droplet Interface Bilayers
Felix Thorsten Sheffield MRes Novel techniques for high throughput membrane permeability assays in the agrochemical industry
Shaobin Zhang 1st year PhD Exploiting asymmetry to generate new classes of biomaterials and artificial cells
Greta Zubaite 1st year PhD Engineering biointerfaces between synthetic and biological cells
Emmanuel Kanelos 1st year PhD 3D Printing of Complex Neural Structures in synthetic biology derived scaffolds