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Student Cohort Title Technologies Healthcare problem Supervisors
Euan Pyle 3rd year PhD An integrated structural biology approach for elucidating transient protein interactions
Mark Wilkinson 3rd year PhD The mechanics of the eukaryotic actin protein-folding machinery from yeast to malaria
Zainab Ahmed 2nd year PhD DELIVERY BY DESIGN: Increasing the efficiency of nucleic acids drug delivery in the cytosol using artificial/proto cells
Giulia Campolo 2nd year PhD Real-time in sensing of dopamine and L-DOPA using DNA aptamers for improved Parkinson's disease therapies
Yee San (Eve) Chan 2nd year PhD Experimental detection of allosteric sites in proteins
Ben Edwards 3rd year PhD Nanoscale Biosensors for Real-Time Analysis of Amyloid Proteins in Neurodegenerative Disease
Miha Homsak 3rd year PhD PLP-dependent chemoproteomics for identification and characterisation
Ryan Howard 2nd year PhD Investigating the target profile of a family of novel anti-cancer agents
Ben Lewis 2nd year PhD Imaging G-quadruplex DNA in live cells using FLIM
Suhuur Osman 2nd year PhD Multiplexed Single Cell analysis of small molecule stimulation of Epicardium Derived Cells (EPDCs)
Pashiini Supramaniam 3rd year PhD Microfluidic Chip based Artificial Cells – a platform to control and understand biochemical signalling pathways
Shukai Wang 3rd year PhD Investigation of the structure and function of Vpu with all atom molecular dynamics simulations
Emma Woodcock 2nd year PhD Vesicles to build chemical libraries (template driven synthesis)
Micol Damiani MRes Osteopontin as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker in Biofluids for Cholangiocarcinoma
Marco Esposito 1st year PhD Organelle breeding for artificial cells