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Student Cohort Title Technologies Healthcare problem Supervisors
Euan Pyle 3rd year PhD An integrated structural biology approach for elucidating transient protein interactions
Amina Jama 3rd year PhD Enhancing photosynthesis through molecular manipulation
Francesca Vianello 3rd year PhD A novel computational tool to reveal the all-scale structural organisation and design principles underpinning the activity of the enzyme responsible for the majority of global atmospheric CO2 fixation
Maeve Kavanagh 3rd year PhD Primary charge transfer in the Photosystem II reaction centre
Florian Song 2nd year PhD Unravelling G-quadruplex DNA dynamics through Markov Graph processes: a combined theoretical and experimental approach
Joshua David Linfoot 1st year PhD A Chemical Proteomic Workflow for Rapid Identification of Proteins Responsible for Metabolic Insecticide Resistance
Denise Thiel 1st year PhD Tracking the metabolic footprints of cancer using context---dependent network analysis
Shaobin Zhang 1st year PhD Exploiting asymmetry to generate new classes of biomaterials and artificial cells
Frances Collins 1st year PhD Elucidating the role of carbon dioxide in the photosynthetic enzyme Ribulose-1, 5-Bisphosphate Carboxylase/ Oxygenase: Towards enhancing photosynthesis