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Nucleus, DNA
Student Cohort Title Technologies Healthcare problem Supervisors
Mark Wilkinson 3rd year PhD The mechanics of the eukaryotic actin protein-folding machinery from yeast to malaria
Andrea Goya Grocin 3rd year PhD Understanding dysregulation of protein lipidation in cancer
Miha Homsak 3rd year PhD PLP-dependent chemoproteomics for identification and characterisation
Delia Brustur MRes Rab27: a novel target in cancer
Emma Couves 1st year PhD Novel adjuvants for antibody-based cancer therapeutics: design, biological characterization and influence on membrane-protein structure.
Helena Dodd MRes Graphene oxide-templated biomolecular nanoclusters to control the Natural Killer cell anti-cancer response
Marco Esposito 1st year PhD Organelle breeding for artificial cells
Ignacio Gispert Contamina 1st year PhD Cells and organelles as embedded biomodules in artificial cells
Livia Kalossaka 1st year PhD Functionally optimized biofilms for building façades
Borut Lampret 1st year PhD Development of next-generation Bio-Printing
Joshua David Linfoot 1st year PhD A Chemical Proteomic Workflow for Rapid Identification of Proteins Responsible for Metabolic Insecticide Resistance
Mike Lloyd MRes Single Molecule Strategies for Studying Neurodegenerative Disease
Ana Losada de la Lastra 1st year PhD A universal chemical proteomic platform to uncover the impact of dynamic protein S‐acylation in cancer
Thomas Pataillot-Meakin 1st year PhD Improving prostate cancer prognosis via automated sampling and genomic analysis of circulating tumour DNA
Denise Thiel 1st year PhD Tracking the metabolic footprints of cancer using context---dependent network analysis
Greta Zubaite 1st year PhD Engineering biointerfaces between synthetic and biological cells
Alfred Gatehouse MRes Cell free DNA size analysis using engineered hydrogel nanopore (EHN) sensors: a non-invasive diagnostic tool for cancer
Emmanuel Kanelos 1st year PhD 3D Printing of Complex Neural Structures in synthetic biology derived scaffolds