Biological Problems

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Endoplasmic Reticulum
Golgi Apparatus
Nuclear Envelope
Nucleus, DNA
Student Cohort Title Technologies Healthcare problem Supervisors
Eloise Morecroft Writing up Tumour suppressor protein OPCML as an anti-cancer drug: a potential biological therapeutic enabled through self-splicing GPI mimetics
Max Hodges Writing up Combining Bond to Bond Propensities and NMR to uncover the mechanisms of complex allosteric modulation
Euan Pyle 3rd year PhD An integrated structural biology approach for elucidating transient protein interactions
Michael Potter 3rd year PhD Liposome-based diagnostic and prognostic bio-sensing assay for quantifying the role of sphingomyelinase dysregulation in cardiovascular diseases and depression
Jasmine Bickel 3rd year PhD Novel adjuvants for antibody-based cancer therapeutics: design, biological characterization and influence on membrane-protein structure
Xue (Shirley) Chen Writing up Tool molecule discovery/development and pathway analysis using high content microscopy
Zainab Ahmed 2nd year PhD DELIVERY BY DESIGN: Increasing the efficiency of nucleic acids drug delivery in the cytosol using artificial/proto cells
Mohit Devgan 2nd year PhD Interaction of personal care formulations with skin mimetics
Andrea Goya Grocin 3rd year PhD Understanding dysregulation of protein lipidation in cancer
Miha Homsak 3rd year PhD PLP-dependent chemoproteomics for identification and characterisation
Pashiini Supramaniam 3rd year PhD Microfluidic Chip based Artificial Cells – a platform to control and understand biochemical signalling pathways
Shukai Wang 3rd year PhD Investigation of the structure and function of Vpu with all atom molecular dynamics simulations
Emma Woodcock 2nd year PhD Vesicles to build chemical libraries (template driven synthesis)