From this year's joint CDT Conference...

This year’s joint CDT Conference (13th – 14th June 2013) was organised by ICB students and took place at in the heart of London at the Royal Society for Engineering. The first day saw second year students from the ICB CDT (Imperial College London), MOAC (University of Warwick) and the University of Glasgow present a short talk on their work. Talks ranged from using ‘click’ chemistry to probe the post translational modification of proteins, to using optical trapping to measure the forces of one single protein walking along the cytoskeleton.
The second day started with a poster session presented by the first year students followed by keynote lectures from Professor Molly Stevens (Imperial College London) and Dr Stuart Cantrill (Chief Editor of Nature Chemistry).

Prizes for best talks:
Chemical Biology Session: Kerry O’Donnelly (ICB CDT)
Biophysical Techniques Session: James McLachlan and Matthew Thomas (both MOAC)
Modelling and Structural Biology Session: Yuval Elani (ICB CDT)

Best poster:
First place: Philip Kitchen (MOAC)
Second place: Ben Amor (ICB CDT)