CDT's students FreshCheck win the CDT Den!

Fresh Check was started in February 2015 by 3 PhD students, Alex Bond, John Simpson and Robert Peach at the ICB. Having seen some of their fellow students develop ideas through the ICB’s CDT Den program, we decided to come up with a potential business idea ourselves. We quickly landed on a problem that does affect everyone, but is acutely felt by students – spoilt chicken. As students, we often risked using chicken that was one or two days past its use-by date to save money and felt that the eye and smell test was ridiculously outdated. It was from this beginning that we started developing our idea – a colour change compound for detecting bacteria. Originally we wanted to develop (and still do!) a smart label for food spoilage, but through Imperial’s Venture Catalyst Challenge we began to see the market for the food label wasn’t an ideal first market.

From there we changed tack and used our core technology to solve another problem – the prohibitive cost of test hygiene in the food and health industries. With help from the ICB’s CDT Den Competition - the competition that inspired us in the first place – we mapped out the market and began to understand that a colour change spray would be an ideal product. After winning the competition, we were able to use the money (£10,000) to support our development before entering into the market and it’s full steam ahead now with by securing further investement form Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (£500) Shell LiveWIRE (£5,000), Climate-KIC (12,500) and an Angel Investor met at the Imperial Invention Rooms!