CDT students who won prizes at the PG Symposium 2014

Talk Presentations

Biological and Chemical Biology I

Thomas Branch  -  1st Prize
Fluorescence Studies of Amyloid-β – kinetics of its Interactions with Cu2+

Kerry O’Donnelly  - 2nd Prize
Rubisco: Enhancing Photosynthetic Efficiency through Novel CO2 Concentrating Mechanism

Andy Bell – special mention (deserved a prize but he preferred to pass it on)
N-Myristoyltransferase Inhibitors as Anti-malarial Agents

Biological and Chemical Biology II

Elani Yuval   -  1st Prize
Generation of Multi-compartment Vesicles for use as Protocells with Defined Spatial Organisation

Thomas Charlton  - 2nd Prize
Profiling the Clostridium Difficile Lipoproteome: a Chemical Proteomics Approach

Poster Presentations

Benjamin Amor

Exploring Allostery with Complex Network Theory

Congratulations everyone!