Entrepreneurship Training for CDT DEN Participants II

21st October 2013 2:00pm - Chemical Engineering LT2

Session 1: formulate a concrete value proposition

Coaches: Sabrina Kiefer + Rowan Gardner

Student Preparation before workshop: 
- Read at least chapters 1-3 of The Smart Entrepreneur
- Use the Toolbox exercises up to Workshop 1 as appropriate
- You can use the Template in the Workshop 1 section of the Toolbox to prepare for the workshop if you wish, or choose a format you think is more applicable.


Teams present their initial value proposition and coaches will give feedback and suggest next steps.


Your presentation should indicate

• Do you have a demand-pull or technology-push proposition (chapter 1)?
• Have you identified a clear problem that is demanding a solution? Who has this problem and how important is it to them? How well do you understand its causes? (chapter 2)
• How does your solution/invention compare with alternative or competing options available to your potential user/customer segments? Is it 1) unique and especially 2) better (how so)? (chapter 2 or  3 – idea evaluation or T/A matrix)

The duration of presentation:  6 minutes.