Entrepreneurship Training for CDT DEN Participants V

20th January 2014 2:00pm - tbc

SESSION 4 : presentation and basic financials

(S. Kiefer + Patrick Dunne + Imperial Innovations)

Student Preparation in advance:
- Read at least chapters 11-12 of The Smart Entrepreneur
- Use the Financial Feasibility tool contained in the Business Model section of the Toolbox, the Roadmap tool and potentially the Financial Planning tool (the latter is more detailed than you need at this stage, but you can selectively use parts of it as applicable)
- Write a 4-page mini business plan (template TBD)

Students are expected to test and demonstrate the financial viability of the business case and to have elaborated some simple models using the exercises in the Toolbox

GOAL: In addition to polishing up your value proposition from the previous sessions, your presentation should begin to indicate, to the extent possible at this stage:
• Estimated development and production costs and pricing of your product/service, its gross margin
• Sales volumes and values envisaged in first 3 years from launch of product/service
• General idea of cash flow/cash needs for 3 years from the start of your activity (including the pre-launch/seed period, and overheads), and your funding plan (what kind of funding you will seek over what timescale)
• A roadmap of next activities and indication of potential exit

Timing: 3.5 hours