Entrepreneurship Training for CDT DEN Participants IV

12th December 2013 2:00pm - SALC7

Session 3: presentation and basic financials

Coaches: Sabrina Kiefer + Stefano Ciampolini

Student Preparation before workshop:
- Read at least chapters 8 and 9 of The Smart Entrepreneur, review Chapter 7 again
-  Use the Toolbox exercises up to Workshop 3 as a coaching instrument if you wish

Workshop GOAL:
Students are expected to demonstrate that they tested the value proposition first elaborated in session 2 among a representative set of potential users/customers or stakeholders, and that they have made any needed adjustments to the business proposition based on the feedback.
They should have done some primary data collection by now and present an idea about the possible price of the product or service, the way to market it and the other players they will need to engage in order to efficiently go to market, and the type of business model (e.g. licensing or start-up and what type of start-up).
Coaches will give feedback and suggest next steps.