Entrepreneurship Training for CDT DEN Participants III

19th November 2013 2:00pm - Flowers Building - G47A

Session 2: test the value proposition

Coaches: Sabrina Kiefer + David Holbrook

Student Preparation before workshop:
- Read at least chapters 4-7 of The Smart Entrepreneur.
- Use the Toolbox exercises up to Workshop 2 as appropriate
- Use relevant Workshop template if you wish

Teams have to present the work they have done to test the initial proposition. More specifically, they are expected to check their proposition with preferred witnesses in the target markets and identify the best market segment, understand the industry structure, and to make some use of secondary information to back up the hypotheses. Coaches will give feedback and advise on next steps.


After briefly introducing your problem and solution, your presentation should indicate

• Characterise the addressable market segments or customer types you’ve identified (be specific). Which of these are the most likely to buy your proposition (as explained in chapter 4) and which less so? How large are these segments?
• What does the industry structure and value chain look like (ch. 5)? Who else might you have to work with or go through to get to market?
• How strong is your IP position (ch. 6)?
• Based on the above, what’s your likely route to market (ch. 7) (e.g. licensing or start-up, and what type of start-up)?