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Light-triggered enzymatic reactions in nested vesicle reactors.

Exciting new publication from the ICB student James Hindley...

The Institute of Chemical Biology Careers Event

On behalf of the Instuitute of Chemical Biology director and...

CDT's students FreshCheck win the CDT Den!

Fresh Check was started in February 2015 by 3 PhD students,...

Emma & Paul get ESAsponsorship to investigate cell viscosity under hypergravity

‘Twistosity’ awarded experimental time by the European...


Multidisciplinary training to tackle challenges in the healthcare, personal care and agri-science sectors

We train physical sciences graduates in the skills and arts of multidisciplinary research through a combination of taught courses which introduces them to the biomolecular sciences, and research. Click here for more information on the molcular targets our current students work on.

Tools and technologies the CDT students have developed

The Institute of Chemical Biology (ICB)'s mission is to support and develop multidisciplinary research crossing the physical sciences-life sciences/biomedical interface.In particular we focus on the development and application of novel tools and technology for solving major problems in the life and biomedical sciences.


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Amina Jama

2nd year PhD

Enhancing photosynthesis through molecular manipulation

Enhancing crop yields: The agri-science sector is under great pressure to develop novel tools to increase crop productivity, with increasing photosynthetic efficiency being a major... more